Specializing in film post-production, services include digital editing, digital dimming, 3D computer animation, special effects synthesis, file management and backup, digital source output and projection, and other post-production. Undertake content for movies, TV series, image advertising and online video.

Content will be provided for numerous platforms: movies, TV and web series, TV, commercial short films and formats. We offer a full range of film and television content production services, from creative initiation to financing, sponsorship, production, marketing and distribution.

We make good movie content happen.

Our Future Strategies

Home Entertainment Digitalization

Assisting distribution for your movies and TV series
on worldwide major platforms in encoding and
transcoding, and optical disc authoring with
Qual i ty, Professionals, Efficiency, Service,
Responsibility, and Creditability.

Content Production
Animation effects
Local Theatrical Distributor
Digital Platform
Digital Media Service

Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance is the key to success in the future, to be most efficient and cost-effective, we will ally the best partner on
each sector to build up a full network to monetize a product for its best opportunities.

Key Milestones

  • 2016 – Approved Apple iTunes / Google Play Movie Aggregator and Encoding House
  • 2015 –Approved Encoding House for Apple iTunes Movie Stores.
    Qualified Encoding House for Netflix
  • 2014 – Additional 4K video equipment
  • 2013 – Expand China Market.
  • 2011 – Secured File Transmitting with Aspera
  • 2010 – 3D BD Authoring (The First Taiwan 3D BD Authoring)
  • 2009 – Stream-Encoding for Pay-per-view cables.
  • 2007 – BD Authoring
  • 2006 – HD nonlinear Editing
  • 1999 – VCD and DVD Authoring
  • 1991 – VHS Duplication House

Our Facilities


CCTV Monitor

Fingerprint Security

IBM Aspera Enterprise

280TB storage on Line
240TB Storage off Line
280TB Sync Backup

Enterprise Storage



SONY Digital Betacam A500

Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K

Adobe Creative Cloud:
Premiere CC、After Effect CC、Audition CC…

Apple Soundtrack Pro / Final Cut Pro


Rovi Scenarist SD DVD

Rovi Scenarist BD(2D/3D)

Rovi TotalCodeProfessional

ProMedia Carbon

Apple Compessor

Transcoding / QC

Lemony Pro Subtitler

SONY Z Depth
(Stereoscopic 3D Subtitle editing application)

Baton – A Scalable, Enterprise-class, Automated File-based QC Solution

Manual QC Spot Check

Manual Full Runtime QC