• Film Making
  • Director:
  • Cast:
    許光漢 飾演 Jimmy 清原果耶 飾演 Ami(佐久間亞美) 黑木瞳 張震
  • Storyline:
    The story begins in Taiwan 18 years ago. High school student Jimmy (played by Xu Guanghan) met Ami (played by Kiyohara Goya), a Japanese backpacker who is four years older than him, during a part-time job. The two worked in the same store for a whole summer. , Jimmy gradually developed a love for Ami, and the two often traveled together and their relationship became closer. One day, Ami suddenly decided to return to Japan and made a promise to Jimmy, who found it difficult to accept. After many years, Jimmy returned to his hometown after a long absence and found the postcard Ami sent him 18 years ago. He recalled his first love and decided to embark on his first trip to Japan alone, to Ami's hometown.