DVD & Blu-ray Encoding、Authoring

Using the world’s most advanced Blu-ray BD-editing software Sony and Sonic Solutions make 2D, 3D BD Blu-ray Disc mother substrate, causing the company to become Taiwan’s few companies with professional BD Blu-ray production technology. In addition, with the designated use of the United States eight pictures of professional software also must be fully supported other compatible hardware devices, from HDCAM Recorder, AJA-KONA Capture Card, AVC, VC1 compression, MPEG, HD non-linear editing machine, dolby, DTS, Linear PCM coding software … and so on, are all high-definition video and audio equipment, so that it can both hard and soft, two-pronged approach to produce a perfect product. All operations engineers and graphic editors are having many years of extensive practical experience to ensure that your video commissioned its production of finished products to achieve first-class quality, the highest level.

Blu-ray Authoring
Video Encode:MPEG2、AVC、MVC
Menu:Pop-up Menu、Professional art design team
Subtitling:Subtitling(2bit、256color) 、 Stereo 3D Subtitles
Audio Codec:Dolby AC3、DTS-HD Master Audio、LPCM
Advanced Access Content System:AACS
Region Codes:A、B、C

DVD Authoring
Types and data capacity:
a. 4.7GB / 133min
b. 4.7GB / 360min(High compression)
c. 8.5GB / 240min
Video Encode:The maximum data rate 9.80Mbps / MPEG2  720*480
Audio Codec:Dolby AC3-2.0,Dolby AC3-5.1、DTS、LPCM
Features: Multiple Perspectives、Dynamic menu、32Subtitles、8 Language 、CSS、Region Codes